Overseas Customers

Please see the Countries I ship to page for a list of destinations covered by this site.
When buying over the internet and importing goods, please take into account local taxes, import and duty requirements and thresholds for your individual country.
It is your responsibility as the buyer to be aware of and make payment of any monies due to your tax authority once the item arrives into customs.
European customers have varying rates, US customers have individual state taxes which vary from state to state, and Canada have a 5% Goods & Services Tax, please check for up to date information, There may possibly be administration fees charged for the collection of these amounts by the carrier. 
Large purchases over a certain threshold will also attract import duty, the amount of which depends on the nature of the items being imported, This is currently around £135 in Europe and $800 in the U.S.A. again, please check for the latest information.
The U.K. is no longer a part of the European Union. 
I have attatched some helpful links below for further clarification...

Europe : https://taxation-customs.ec.europa.eu/buying-goods-online-coming-non-european-union-country_en
USA : https://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/internet-purchases

Canada : https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/import/postal-postale/dtytx-drttx-eng.html

Australia : https://www.abf.gov.au/buying-online/importing-by-post-or-mail

Japan : https://www.customs.go.jp/

New Zealand : https://www.customs.govt.nz/personal/send-and-receive-items/receive-items-from-overseas/

Singapore : https://www.customs.gov.sg/businesses/importing-goods/import-procedures/

South Korea : https://www.customs.go.kr/english/cm/cntnts/cntntsView.do?mi=8067&cntntsId=2741