Jewellery Care

Caring for your new jewellery ...

BEADED JEWELLERY- glass beads will last a long time if cared for, but can become scratched over time, chipped or broken if knocked or dropped onto a hard surface, so handling with care and keeping clean by wiping with a soft cloth will help prolong their beauty.
Necklaces that have been strung on beading wire should not be sharply folded- this may cause a permanent bend in the wire causing it to weaken over time and eventually break.

PLATED METAL JEWELLERY - Silver & gold plated items can become quickly tarnished from coming into contact with products such as perfumes, hair products and creams, so to help prevent tarnishing please prevent your jewellery from coming into contact with these harmful products. If they do start to tarnish, buffing with a soft polishing cloth will restore their shine.
*Occasionally plated metal jewellery can tarnish a lot quicker than usual due to skin PH having higher acid levels ( I personally have this issue ) unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this. I try to avoid wearing silver or gold plate for long periods as they tarnish quickly if worn a lot, but have found that the antique metal finishes are unaffected for much longer. *

STORING YOUR JEWELLERY- Careful storing of jewellery will help prevent damage and tarnishing of metal components . Tarnish is caused from exposure to air and moisture causing a chemical reaction known as oxidisation. The very best way to prevent this is by storing plated metal jewellery in a plastic bag, removing the air first. For most types of jewellery using a jewellery box or jewellery roll kept in a dry place is recommended.
Please see below for necklace length guide.